Humatt, the come back of physical currency.

In 2072, the digital dimension of our ubiquitous society has almost entirely taken over. Everything happens online, humans wear electronic chips below their skin, and programs and artificial intelligences have become entirely autonomous and participate to the World as citizens.

Money is now purely digital, and the economy strives on data sharing, service renting and access to knowledge.
Groups of reactionary humans who fight for a return to ancient concepts – like ownership, private property and materialism – fear for human kind and reject the current system.

As their isolationist protest gains momentum, they gather around more backwards ways of living and re-invent a physical currency for their trade.

Just like ancient money featured famous monuments or notable people to differentiate them by country, Humatt features parts of the human body, emphasising physical over digital.

To spread the protest, they use non-digital mediums, with print campaigns and guerrilla actions.