a plotless horror movie
Art Direction / Graphic design / Illustration

As a feeling that seems to have permeated everything that used to be mundane, discomfort still is a culturally volatile, socially slippery sentiment. The various conditions of precarity and instability it’s stemming from are nevertheless both highly topical and inscribed in a long history of unevenly distributed privileges. a plotless horror movie invites you to curiously and critically engage in discomfort.

The exhibition is curated by Marie Sophie Beckmann and Julie Robiolle for Residence NRW⁺, showing at Museum Kuraus Kleve. Featuring works by Istanbul Queer Art Collective, Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus, Sarah Margnetti, Tabita Rezaire, and Liv Schulman. Graphic deisign and AD by Elise Chastel, including a flippable bilingual scores book.